Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Northern Colorado tech job/contract-seekers can use rmiug-jobs to publicize themselves

This mailing list is notable in 2 regards:
1) it list a variety of technical jobs in and around Boulder, including the occasional hardware job,
2) more importantly, they allow you to post your resume, and if it is moderately brief, it offers you some good exposure, and you may get some suggestions of job openings.   If your resume mentions your personal website, I think it will also improve your Google search ranking, but you might not care about that.


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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My LinkedIn profile is

if you want to join my network. Esp. useful if you jobseek in DV, EDA, or hardware design in Colorado, but maybe even elsewhere.


Fort Collins AE semiconductor industry, SERDES, signal integrity

In case of interest...
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Good morning Bill, I hope you're doing well. I have this in Fort Collins, CO. Would you be interested? Can you do it? Please let me know. It might not fit you but feel free to forward it on
Applications Engineer
•     Demonstrate hardware capabilities to customer
          o    Show key attributes that distinguish client's IP
          o    Understand technical sales process
          o    Be able to adjust demonstration plan to suit customers changing requirements.
•     Develop understanding of customer application and impact on clients IP
•     Support xxx's IP bring up on customer prototypes
•     Provide first response to customer issues
          o    Be able to replicate customer issue on in-house hardware
          o    Be able to comprehend and explain customer issue to design team to further debug effort
          o    Be part of response team of design engineers to identify resolution
•     Work with Design team to understand areas of improvement in existing IP for next generation hardware
•     Assist in characterization and Industry Standards compliance testing of client's IP
•     Travel ~25%
Minimum Requirements
•     BSEE/MSEE or equivalent with 5 years experience in semiconductor industry
           o    SERDES Application Engineering or SERDES Design Engineering experience required, both would be a plus.
•     Proficient with semiconductor test equipment including:  Oscilloscope, BERT, Spectrum Analyzer and Network Analyzer
•     Strong communication skills
           o    Presentation, documentation and stressful debug skills a must.
•     Strong software skills including experience with Perl, C, and VEE is required.
•     Assembly programming a plus
•     Experience with Verilog coding is a plus
•     Experience with signal integrigy of high frequency channels: >10Gbps
          o    Clear understanding of transmission line theory and it's impacts on Signal Integrity of high speed SERDES
          o    Familiarity with link simulation and measurement tools.
•     Understanding of serial interface industry standards such as 10GbaseKR, 40Gbase-KR4, PCIe, FibreChannel, CEI, and SFI
Darrell Sears
Triple Crown Consulting, LLC
Technical Recruiter
13805 Research Blvd. Ste. 200
Austin, Tx. 78750
Ph. 512- 623-5764 x110

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sole Proprietorship vs. LLC vs. S Corporation - Which is best for your small business?

Thanks to Larry Brauner...


DVCon SystemVerilog paper: Checkers for a Cache Controller Design

Interesting SystemVerilog paper for you...

" Topic: DvCon: Experiencing Checkers for a Cache Controller Design Posted By: vhdlcohen at 25 Feb 2010, 02:02 PM EST
Subject : DvCon: Experiencing Checkers for a Cache Controller Design

Paper and slides and code can be downloaded from


Verification Guild Digest for DV jobseekers

Good newsletter for design verification, lists some jobs; also, once signed up, one can see responses to questions digested here, and if unanswered, post one's own answers here.  It is an easy way to self-publicize, your signature should contain at least your physical location and email, maybe even your phone number.  I think Google indexes the website.

Feel free to forward this mail to any other job/contract-seekers you think might be helped by it.

Connie O'Dell

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Free federal tax e-filing (not income-limited), cheap state tax e-filing

That time of year again...
I had already done my taxes manually, and they are a little complex, so I know the website did it right, plus it caught an addition error of mine.


"Why did you leave your last job?":

A number of really sharp people have been laid off in 2010, often through no real fault of their own, but it is very common for their employer to come up with a "reason", with the result that the employee may still feel that they *are* at fault.  This leaves them feeling a little sensitive about the question "Why did you leave you last job?".  But it is a question that is very likely to be asked as part of an interview, and with no ill intent (your new prospective employer wants to know that they can make you happy enough as an employee that you will not quit at some inconvenient time), so it is worth planning ahead for it.  Practice.

These two links below sound like good advice to me.  I don't recollect that I ever had the nerve to proactively bring up having been part of a mass layoff *before* being asked "why did you leave?", but I like the rest of the suggestions from the first article, and some of the later ones from the second one.

My major advice:
Be brief and professional, but don't sound evasive.  If it worries you to be brief, remember a long response may not really be as important (for you and the interviewer) as spending time understanding/discussing the prospective job.
Avoid saying anything that sounds like back-stabbing former managers or companies, an interviewing manager will wonder if you would also be critical of him/her.  "Difficult business conditions" is a term I found useful, it was true and sounds like you tried to understand the company's business needs, YMMV.
If you were part of a mass layoff, say so.  It is not so unusual.


How to email to both blog and twitter at once

This is what I used to set up the blog/feed you see here, then I can just email to it:

Easy.   Not rocket science, but I think it saves me time for updates for, say, jobseeking friends and former contacts in DV/EDA in Colorado, plus they can opt-out anytime.


Free federal tax e-filing (not income-limited), cheap state tax e-filing

That time of year again...
I had already done my taxes manually, and they are a little complex, so I know the website did it right, plus it caught an addition error of mine.


Connecting to hiring managers, employees via LinkedIn

   If you don't know me, I've worked in varied roles in design verification/EDA, and also have a number of great former colleagues seeking employment.  This message compiles a few good links on the topic of LinkedIn and jobseeking, hope it helps!

   I've suggested to a number of people that if you could find people in LinkedIn that could help your job/contract search
(for research, for resume expediting, to check for existence of unadvertised jobs, or to try to get a job created/remoted for you because of a very special skill match),
then you could write a linked in introduction to said person, and  I would happily forward it (I recommend you give me hints about points to highlight in recommending you for this specific position/company, either in the portion of the intro that is for me, or in a separate email).  It is better if I know you, but if I only know you via a contact or two that will vouch for you, I will still consider it.  These introductions do by and large reach their intended recipients.  I spent all this time in 2002/2003 building up a big network, someone should benefit from it.  So here is the nuts and bolts of that:

This last link tells generally how LinkedIn can be used to help in a job search.  Most people can do everything they need to with the free LI service, by the way.