Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Present Opportunities for Design Engineers

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Date: Thu, Jul 22, 2010 at 1:31 PM
Subject: Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Present Opportunities for Design Engineers

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Electronic Design Power & Analog Update: The design engineer's weekly source for power and analog information
In the July 22, 2010 Issue:
 Podcast: Design Challenges for Electric Vehicles
 Hybrid Vehicle Symposium Addresses Improvements for Efficiency, Performance and Cost
 All-Electric Vehicles Prepare To Shock The Automotive Market
 Battery Challenges for Electric Vehicles
 Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Charge Ahead
 Electric Vehicles Zero In On Improved Power Management

Read White Paper: Magnetics for Switch Mode Power Supplies
The most common topology for electronic power supplies is the Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS). There are four types of magnetic components in an SMPS. They include the Output Transformer, usually the most noticeable because it's larger than the others, the Input Inductors (2) and the Current Sense Transformer. This paper describes the factors that designers must consider when choosing magnetic components in an SMPS design. Brought to you by Datatronics. Read today!

Focus On Electric Vehicles

 By Joe Desposito, Editor-in-Chief

Hybrid and electric vehicles are a hot topic in the design engineering community and Electronic Design has published a host of articles about them. In addition, contributing editor John Edwards recently interviewed Don Wires of Amp Electric Vehicles about his opinion on what it takes to design electric vehicles. If you missed some of these articles the first time around, you may want to give them a look. If one or more of them rings a bell, you may want to review some of the design ideas in these articles. For a complete listing of Electronic Design articles on hybrid and electric vehicles, go here.

Podcast: Design Challenges for Electric Vehicles

 By John Edwards, Contributing Editor

Electronic Design contributing editor John Edwards recently spoke with Don Wires, director of engineering for Amp Electric Vehicles, about how his company is creating opportunities for both electronics vendors and designers.

Circuit Protection Solutions for Overcurrent Conditions
Electronic devices have a crucial requirement for protection from overcurrent conditions. Bourns provides two families of circuit protection solutions that offer a smaller footprint to meet the needs of compact applications. Bourns' Multifuse® resettable fuses and SinglFuse™ thin film chip fuses are designed to protect a broad range of applications including computer, battery, automotive, telecommunications, industrial and consumer. This Bourns white paper provides a complete product introduction including operation basics, design features and benefits, and optimal applications. Read now.

Hybrid Vehicle Symposium Addresses Improvements for Efficiency, Performance and Cost

 By Randy Frank, Contributing Editor

In addition to the battery, every aspect of a hybrid, electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is a target for improved vehicle efficiency and cost reduction.


All-Electric Vehicles Prepare To Shock The Automotive Market

 By Bill Wong, Embedded Systems/Software Editor

All-electric vehicles are the next automotive wave, but a century-old Baker Electric shows this is not a new idea.

Read this White paper: DAQ: Practical Temperature Measurements
Temperature is the most common physical measurements and it is easy to make more accurate measurements. Thirty years ago we set out to create a comprehensive application note dedicated to temperature measurements – the outcome is Application note 290. We have update application 290 every few years since its introduction with the latest information on sensors and data acquisition. Get the latest edition and learn more about the sensors that you are currently using and get some ideas on some alternatives as well. Request your copy today.

Brought to you by Agilent Technologies

Battery Challenges for Electric Vehicles

 By Roger Allan, Contributing Editor

A study by the Boston Consulting Group entitled "Batteries for Electric Cars, Challenges, Opportunities and the Outlook to 2020" states that major technical breakthroughs are needed in rechargeable battery chemistries.


Electric And Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Charge Ahead

 By Roger Allan, Contributing Editor

A roundup of the current state of the art of EVs, PEVs and HEVs, including BAS systems, active wheels and pertinent semiconductor ICs.


Electric Vehicles Zero In On Improved Power Management

 By Sam Davis, Contributing Editor

The desire to protect the environment is driving consumer demands for electric vehicles that use non-polluting propulsion systems. Nickel-metal hydride and several versions of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries have been used in the power.

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White Papers
Read White Paper:
Managing High-Power DC Requirements for Life and Durability Test Systems

Brought to you by Agilent Technologies
Read now!


Webcast: One Bright Day
View the summary of this LED & lighting educational conference developed by the editors of Electronic Design. Stay ahead of the curve and learn how to design with LEDs. Register Now!
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Engineering TV

Tadiran Batteries: Lithium Thionyl Chloride Cells
June 16, 2010

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

System Verilog Open Enrollment--Longmont, CO, 8/9/10

In case of interest...

From: Stuart Sutherland <>
Date: Wed, Jul 14, 2010 at 1:47 PM
Subject: Sutherland HDL Open Enrollment--Longmont, CO

Sutherland HDL is offering an open-enrollment SystemVerilog training workshop in Longmont, Colorado, August 9-13.  Registration closes at 9:00 AM PDT July 26th, so that the training materials can be printed and shipped.


There are three options for training, allowing you to focus on your individual training needs.  The two courses offered this week are customized to offer the information you need in a minimal amount of time.  The concepts of advanced SystemVerilog that are common to both courses will be taught on Wednesday.  For a detailed outline of either course, please contact Sutherland HDL at  When 2 or more engineers from the same company attend, they each receive an additional 5% discount.



Option 1: (Mon-Wed)

Comprehensive Verilog and SystemVerilog for Design and Synthesis (3-days)

Longmont, Colorado, August 9-11 $1,800 per student (~10% off our standard 3-day price)

This is the perfect workshop for engineers to become instant experts in modeling digital designs that simulate and synthesize correctly using SystemVerilog.  Self-taught users of SystemVerilog will also find this workshop extremely valuable.  We often receive comments about how much even those who are current Verilog users learn from this comprehensive workshop. 


This course covers the same lecture information as the full 4-day course, without the final lab work.


Option 2: (Wed-Fri)

SystemVerilog Testbench for Verilog Verification Engineers (3-days)

Longmont, Colorado, August 11-13 $1,800 per student (~10% off our standard 3-day price)

This workshop is ideal for verification engineers that are already familiar with Verilog, and need to become experts with SystemVerilog's advanced, object-oriented verification constructs.  Topics include inheritance and polymorphism as it applies to verification, constrained random testing, functional coverage, and an overview of assertions.  This workshop is intended for verifications engineers that have Verilog experience.


Option 3: (Mon-Fri)

Longmont, Colorado, August 9-13 $2,900 per student (~10% off our standard 5-day price)

Attend all 5 days and receive training in both design and verification.


Registration information can be found at


Onsite Workshops

Sutherland HDL can also provide on-site training at your company when and where you need training!  There is a 5 student minimum charge for on-site training.  All that is needed is a simple meeting room; Sutherland HDL provides the software for labs and a portable server with an isolated network.


We hope to see you soon at this upcoming workshop!  Please forward this e-mail to any of your co-workers that might benefit from expert SystemVerilog training.


Stuart Sutherland

President and expert trainer

Sutherland HDL, Inc.

Portland Oregon




At Sutherland HDL we hate unsolicited e-mail just as much as you do.  We only send out announcements regarding our training schedule a few times each year.  You are on are e-mail list because you have contacted us in the past regarding our services, or have attended an engineering conference where you indicated that you would like further information.  If you do not wish to receive these announcements, just reply to this message asking to be removed from our mailing list, and we will do so immediately. Really.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to (tactfuly) answer illegal interview questions

Colleagues of mine have been asked in interviews how old they are, or if they are married/have children.
It might be innocent conversation and ignorance of the laws, or something more sinister, but regardless it probably will not help you to point out the illegality ...

I like the advice in this article.

How to answer illegal interview questions (tactfully)

Design&Verification: Mentor @ DAC Extended Schedule- July 13, 2010

22 Sessions with Q&A to address your design challenges 

Looks interesting (and free) to me.  From the LinkedIn 

FPGA/CPLD Design Group


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Poudre River rafting, 7/5/2010

River rafting is always fun, but this time a boat got too close to us and flipped over, and we got to lift 4 people into our boat :-). A fun time was had by all...

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