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Verification presentations, courtesy of DVClub

Some very interesting material, speakers commonly post slides for your edification, very useful newsletter.

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Software-Inspired Technique Predicts IC Verification Closure
RAM-Resident Database Speeds Verification Coverage Collection
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The Cortex-A15 Verification Story

Learn the details of verifying the Cortex-A15 MPCore: this processor has an out-of-order superscalar pipeline with a tightly-coupled low-latency level-2 cache which can be up to 4MB in size. It can be configured in clusters with up to 4 cores, and supports MP cache coherency in hardware. Additional improvements in floating point and NEON™ media performance result in devices that deliver the next-generation user experience for consumers as well as high-performance computation for web infrastructure applications. This processor introduces new technology that enables efficient handling of complex software environments including full hardware virtualization, Large Physical Address Extensions (LPAE) addressing up to 1TB of memory as well as error correction capability for fault-tolerance and soft-fault recovery.

This presentation will describe the advanced verification methodologies which are employed in the verification of Cortex-A15, including:
  • Constrained random SystemVerilog unit level testbenches
  • Coverage driven methodology utilizing black box and white box functional coverage for each unit
  • Assertion based design where assertions are added by both verification engineers as well as RTL designers
  • Top level (full CPU cluster) verification with multiple diverse random instruction generators, focusing on comprehensive ISA coverage and extensive stress of MP cache coherency
  • System level (multiple CPU clusters + interconnect, memory controllers, graphics accelerators, other peripherals) emulation of the platform to enable booting of operating systems and running stress testing applications and workloads
  • FPGA platforms to provide additional cost effective throughput
Bill Greene, Austin CPU Validation Manager, ARM, is the engineering manager for the CPU Validation Team at ARM in Austin. He previously worked at Intel on Itanium processor validation and firmware development, and as RTL and verification manager at Marvell developing ARM-based SoCs for mobile applications. He holds BSEE/BSCE and MSEE degrees from Purdue University.
Micah McDaniel, Principal Design Engineer, ARM, was the verification lead for the Cortex-A15 processor. At ARM he was previously an RTL designer and verification engineer on Cortex-A8. He has also done RTL design at Chicory Systems, and circuit design at IBM. He holds an MSEE from the University of Texas, and BSEE/BSCE and BSPHYS from Louisiana State University.
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DVClub News

Recent DVClub Event Updates

Hands-On Verification
- Doug Smith, Engineer/Instructor, Doulos
Austin, August 15th
New Reference Link posted in lieu of slides
Additional Bonus: FREE WEBINAR: Easier UVM Training

Using Bug Arrival Rates to Predict the Future
- Greg Smith,
Sr. Verification Manager, Oracle
Silicon Valley, August 17th
Slides Posted

High Performance Collection of Coverage Metrics Using a Relational Database Backend
James Roberts, Sr. Verification Engineer, Oracle
Silicon Valley, August 17th
Slides Posted

DVClub in the Blogosphere

- with special thanks to blogger Richard Goering

DVClub Talk: Software-Inspired Technique Predicts IC Verification Closure
What's the hardest question for a verification manager to answer? Greg Smith, senior verification manager at Oracle, found that out soon after he moved from design into verification at Hewlett-Packard some years ago. The question is, "when will you be done?"

DVClub Talk #2: RAM-Resident Database Speeds Verification Coverage Collection
Metric-driven verification provides a great deal of valuable coverage data, but where are you going to store it all? Merging coverage data from hundreds or thousands of parallel simulation runs can pose a huge bottleneck. One way to avoid that bottleneck is to write to a memory-resident relational database, according to James Roberts, a verification engineer at Oracle who works with Sparc processors.

Industry Events

DAC 2012 Deadlines

Have an emerging topic that's timely, enlightenting, and relevant to various segments of the Design and Automation community?
Call for Contributions

MTVCon 2011
12th Annual Microprocessor Test and Verification International Workshop

Join Leading Researchers & Practitioners in the Verification & Test Community
Austin, Texas - Hyatt Regency - December 5-7

Join attendees from industry and academia, including strong representation from companies such as AMD, Apple, ARM, Cadence, Freescale, IBM, Intel, Mentor Graphics, Oracle and Synopsys, among others. This year's theme is Common Challenges and Solutions.
  • Network with peers and luminaries.
  • Exchange innovative ideas.
  • Tackle difficult challenges in various processor and SOC design environments.

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ARM Offers Scholarship for MTVCon - Deadline Extended!

ARM is offering numerous educational scholarships to the 12th Annual International Workshop on Microprocessor Test and Verification (MTVCon), to be held December 5-7, 2011 in Austin, TX. Eligibility is limited to graduate students and graduates new to the verification field. Deadline now extended.
For more info, visit: ARM 2011 MTVCon Scholarship
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Cadence CDNLive! Silicon Valley - Calls for Papers

Abstracts are due before 5pm PST, on Friday, November 11, 2011
March 13-14th, 2012 - San Jose, CA

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