Monday, December 26, 2011

Find Big (G)Mail - Have you run out of space for your Gmail account?

Find Big Mail - Have you run out of space for your Gmail account?:

Find big emails in your Gmail to get your space back!

Security is important to us. We only see the size of your emails, not their contents, and we never see your password.

Who else is using Find Big Mail?

Huffington Post uses to reclaim Gmail storage and stay within their quota. uses to find the emails using up their Gmail space.
Long Tail Video uses to avoid Gmail out of space issues.
Southern Web Group @southernweb
We just saved $450 in Google Apps fees using @findbigmail.
Anthony de Rosa @antderosa
A rare endorsement from me, totally unpaid and totally appreciated: helped me reduce my Gmail storage by over 50%. THANK YOU
Jon Kubis @jonkubis
Yay!! @FindBigMail fixed my recurring Gmail out of space problems. Wow. Just wow. Thanks guys!
Digital Inspiration @labnol_blog
If you find the workarounds complicated, there's an even simpler method now that won't even require you download or install anything - it's called
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