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"Once you are dead, you are nothing" and other graffiti from Pompeii...

[As you can see, graffiti has not really changed much...  As a casual student of history, thanks to for the pointer...]

This is a cached version of a page developed by Prof. Prof. Brian Harvey. Credit for the content belongs to him.

Graffiti from Pompeii
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Each inscription begins with a reference to where it was found (region.insula.door number).  The second number is the reference to the publication of the inscription in the Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum, Volume 4.
I.2.20 (Bar/Brothel of Innulus and Papilio); 3932: Weep, you girls.  My penis has given you up.  Now it penetrates men’s behinds.  Goodbye, wondrous femininity!
I.2.23 (peristyle of the Tavern of Verecundus); 3951: Restitutus says: “Restituta, take off your tunic, please, and show us your hairy privates”.
I.4.5 (House of the Citharist; below a drawing of a man with a large nose); 2375: Amplicatus, I know that Icarus is buggering you.  Salvius wrote this.
I.7.1 (in the vestibule of the House of Cuspius Pansa); 8075: The finances officer of the emperor Nero says this food is poison
I.7.8 (bar; left of the door); 8162: We two dear men, friends forever, were here.  If you want to know our names, they are Gaius and Aulus.
I.10.2-3 (Bar of Prima); 8258, 8259: The story of Successus, Severus and Iris is played out on the walls of a bar: [Severus]: “Successus, a weaver, loves the innkeeper’s slave girl named Iris.  She, however, does not love him.  Still, he begs her to have pity on him.  His rival wrote this.  Goodbye.”.  [Answer by Successus]: “Envious one, why do you get in the way.  Submit to a handsomer man and one who is being treated very wrongly and good looking.”  [Answer by Severus]: “I have spoken.  I have written all there is to say.  You love Iris, but she does not love you.”
I.10.2-3 (Bar of Prima); 8297: Word square

















I.10.4 (near the rear entrance vestibule of the House of Menander); 8356: At Nuceria, look for Novellia Primigenia near the Roman gate in the prostitute’s district.
I.10.4 (exterior of the House of Menander); 8304: Satura was here on September 3rd
I.10.7 (House and Office of Volusius Iuvencus; left of the door); 8364: Secundus says hello to his Prima, wherever she is.  I ask, my mistress, that you love me.
II.2.1 (Bar of Astylus and Pardalus); 8408: Lovers are like bees in that they live a honeyed life
II.2.3 (Bar of Athictus; right of the door); 8442: I screwed the barmaid
II.3.10 (Pottery Shop or Bar of Nicanor; right of the door); 10070: Lesbianus, you defecate and you write, ‘Hello, everyone!’
II.4.1 (bar; left of the door, near a picture of Mercury); 8475: Palmyra, the thirst-quencher
II.7 (gladiator barracks); 8767: Floronius, privileged soldier of the 7th legion, was here.  The women did not know of his presence.  Only six women came to know, too few for such a stallion.
II.7 (gladiator barracks); 8792: On April 19th, I made bread
II.7 (gladiator barracks); 8792b: Antiochus hung out here with his girlfriend Cithera.
III.4.2 (House of the Moralist); 7698a: Let water wash your feet clean and a slave wipe them dry; let a cloth cover the couch; take care of our linens.
III.4.2 (House of the Moralist); 7698b: Remove lustful expressions and flirtatious tender eyes from another man’s wife; may there be modesty in your expression.
III.4.2 (House of the Moralist); 7698c: […]postpone your tiresome quarrels if you can, or leave and take them home with you.
III.5.1 (House of Pascius Hermes; left of the door); 7716: To the one defecating here.  Beware of the curse.  If you look down on this curse, may you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.
III.5.3 (on the wall in the street); 8898: Theophilus, don’t perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog
III.5.4 (exterior of a small house); 8903: Gaius Sabinus says a fond hello to Statius.  Traveler, you eat bread in Pompeii but you go to Nuceria to drink.  At Nuceria, the drinking is better.
V.1.18 (House of Valerius Flaccus and Valerius Rufinus; right of the door); 4066: Daphnus was here with his Felicla.
V.1.26 (House of Caecilius Iucundus); 4091: Whoever loves, let him flourish.  Let him perish who knows not love.  Let him perish twice over whoever forbids love.
V.1.26 (peristyle of the House of Caecilius Iucundus); 4087: Staphylus was here with Quieta.
V.3.9 (House of Cosmus and Epidia; right of the door); 6702: Aufidius was here.  Goodbye
V.5 (just outside the Vesuvius gate); 6641: Defecator, may everything turn out okay so that you can leave this place
V.5 (near the Vesuvius Gate); 7086: Marcus loves Spendusa
V.5.3 (barracks of the Julian-Claudian gladiators; column in the peristyle); 4289: Celadus the Thracian gladiator is the delight of all the girls
VI (on the Street of Mercury); 1321: Publius Comicius Restitutus stood right here with his brother
VI.6.1 (House of the Olii; on the Via Consolare); 139: The city block of the Arrii Pollii in the possession of Gnaeus Alleius Nigidius Maius is available to rent from July 1st.  There are shops on the first floor, upper stories, high-class rooms and a house.  A person interested in renting this property should contact Primus, the slave of Gnaeus Alleius Nigidius Maius.
VI.11 (on the Vico del Labirinto); 1393: On April 20th, I gave a cloak to be washed.  On May 7th, a headband.  On May 8th, two tunics
VI.13.19 (House of Sextus Pompeius Axiochus and Julia Helena; left of the door); 4485: Hectice, baby, Mercator says hello to you
VI.14 (vico degli Scienziati); 3042: Cruel Lalagus, why do you not love me?
VI.14.20 (House of Orpheus); 4523: I have buggered men
VI.14.36 (Bar of Salvius); 3494: In one bar, a picture depicts two men playing dice.  One shouts, “Six!” while his opponent holds up two fingers and says, “No, that’s not a ‘three’; it’s a ‘two’”.  By the door of the bar, another picture shows a short man driving a group of men out.  Above his head are the words, “Go on, get out of here!  You have been fighting!”
VI.14.36 (Bar of Salvius; over a picture of a woman carrying a pitcher of wine and a drinking goblet); 3494: Whoever wants to serve themselves can go on an drink from the sea.
VI.14.37 (Wood-Working Shop of Potitus): 3498: What a lot of tricks you use to deceive, innkeeper. You sell water but drink unmixed wine
VI.14.43 (atrium of a House of the Large Brothel); 1520: Blondie has taught me to hate dark-haired girls.  I shall hat them, if I can, but I wouldn’t mind loving them.  Pompeian Venus Fisica wrote this.
VI.15.6 (House of Caesius Valens and Herennius Nardus); 4637: Rufus loves Cornelia Hele
VI.16.15 (atrium of the House of Pinarius); 6842: If anyone does not believe in Venus, they should gaze at my girl friend
VII (House of the Tetrastyle Atrium); 2060: Romula hung out here with Staphylus.
VII.1.40 (House of Caesius Blandus; in the peristyle of the House of Mars and Venus on the Street of the Augustales); 1714: It took 640 paces to walk back and forth between here and there ten times
VII.6.35 (Brothel of Venus; on the Vico dei Soprastanti opposite the Vicolo del Gallo); 1645: May Love burn in some lonely mountains whoever wants to rape my girl friend!
VII.2.18 (vicolo del Panattiere, House of the Vibii, Merchants); 3117: Atimetus got me pregnant
VII.2.18 (vicolo del Panattiere, House of the Vibii, Merchants); 3131: Figulus loves Idaia
VII.2.44 (Bar of Hedone (or Colepius) on the Street of the Augustales; on the corner toward the lupinare); 1679: Hedone says, “You can get a drink here for only one coin.  You can drink better wine for two coins.  You can drink Falernian for four coins.”
VII.2.48 (House of Caprasius Primus); 3061: I don’t want to sell my husband, not for all the gold in the world
VII.7.5 (House of the Calpurnii); 4783: Crescens is sweet and charming
VII.9 (Eumachia Building, via della Abbondanza); 2048: Secundus likes to screw boys.
VII.12.18-20 (the Lupinare); 2175: I screwed a lot of girls here.
VII.12.18-20 (the Lupinare); 2185: On June 15th, Hermeros screwed here with Phileterus and Caphisus.
VII.12.18-20 (the Lupinare); 2192: Sollemnes, you screw well!
VII.12.35 (Vico d’ Eumachia, small room of a possible brothel); 2145: Gaius Valerius Venustus, soldier of the 1st praetorian cohort, in the century of Rufus, screwer of women
VII.12.35 (Vico d’ Eumachia, small room of a possible brothel); 2146: Vibius Restitutus slept here alone and missed his darling Urbana
VII.12.35 (Vico d’ Eumachia, small room of a possible brothel); 2163: The warmest hello to Saenecio Fortunaus, wherever he may go.
VII.15.11-12 (House of Verus; between the two doors of the house); 4838: Secundus says hello to his friends.
VIII (corridor in the theater); 2457: Methe, slave of Cominia, from Atella, loves Chrestus.  May Pompeian Venus be dear to both of them and may they always live in harmony.
VIII (Street of the Theaters); 64: A copper pot went missing from my shop.  Anyone who returns it to me will be given 65 bronze coins (sestertii).  20 more will be given for information leading to the capture of the thief.
VIII.1 (above a bench outside the Marine Gate); 1751: If anyone sits here, let him read this first of all: if anyone wants a screw, he should look for Attice; she costs 4 sestertii.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1797: No young buck is complete until he has fallen in love
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1808: Auge loves Allotenus
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1811: A small problem gets larger if you ignore it.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1812: Caesius faithfully loves M[…name lost]
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1816: Epaphra, you are bald!
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1820: Chie, I hope your hemorrhoids rub together so much that they hurt worse than when they every have before!
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1824: Let everyone one in love come and see.  I want to break Venus’ ribs with clubs and cripple the goddess’ loins.  If she can strike through my soft chest, then why can’t I smash her head with a club?
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1826: Phileros is a eunuch!
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1837: If you are able, but not willing, why do you put off our joy and kindle hope and tell me always to come back tomorrow.  So, force me to die since you force me to live without you.  Your gift will be to stop torturing me.  Certainly, hope returns to the lover what it has once snatched away.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1842: Gaius Pumidius Dipilus was here on October 3rd 78 BC.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1852: Pyrrhus to his colleague Chius: I grieve because I hear you have died; and so farewell.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1863: Take hold of your servant girl whenever you want to; it’s your right
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1864: Samius to Cornelius: go hang yourself!
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1880: Lucius Istacidius, I regard as a stranger anyone who doesn’t invite me to dinner.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1880: The man I am having dinner with is a barbarian.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1881: Virgula to her friend Tertius: you are disgusting!
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1882: The one who buggers a fire burns his penis
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1904: O walls, you have held up so much tedious graffiti that I am amazed that you have not already collapsed in ruin.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1926: Epaphra is not good at ball games.
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1928: Love dictates to me as I write and Cupid shows me the way, but may I die if god should wish me to go on without you
VIII.2 (in the basilica); 1951: Sarra, you are not being very nice, leaving me all alone like this
VIII.7.6 (Inn of the Muledrivers; left of the door); 4957: We have wet the bed, host.  I confess we have done wrong.  If you want to know why, there was no chamber pot
IX.1.26 (atrium of the House of the Jews); 2409a: Stronius Stronnius knows nothing!
IX.2.18 (House of Curvius Marcellus and Fabia; in the tablinum); 4993: Ampliatus Pedania is a thief!
IX.5.11 (House of Poppaeus Sabinus; peristyle); 5092: If you felt the fires of love, mule-driver, you would make more haste to see Venus.  I love a charming boy; I ask you, goad the mules; let’s go.  Take me to Pompeii, where love is sweet.  You are mine…
IX.5.18 (House of Hercules and Nessus; beside the door of house); 5112: Learn this: while I am alive, you, hateful death, are coming.
IX.8.3 (House of the Centenary; in the atrium); 5213: My lusty son, with how many women have you had sexual relations?
IX.8.3 (House of the Centenary; in the latrine near the front door); 5243: “Secundus defecated here” three time on one wall.
IX.8.3 (House of the Centenary; interior of the house); 5279: Once you are dead, you are nothing
IX.8.11 (triclinium of a house); 5251: Restitutus has deceived many girls.
Nuceria Necropolis (on a tomb); 10231: Serena hates Isidorus
Nuceria Necropolis (on a tomb); 10241: Greetings to Primigenia of Nuceria.  I would wish to become a signet ring for no more than an hour, so that I might give you kisses dispatched with your signature.
Herculaneum (bar/inn joined to the maritime baths); 10674: [a bar tab] …Some nuts …? coins; drinks: 14 coins; lard: 2 coins; bread: 3 coins; three meat cutlets: 12 coins; four sausages: 8 coins.  Total: 51 coins
Herculaneum (bar/inn joined to the maritime baths); 10675: Two friends were here.  While they were, they had bad service in every way from a guy named Epaphroditus.  They threw him out and spent 105 and halfsestertii most agreeably on whores.
Herculaneum (bar/inn joined to the maritime baths); 10677: Apelles the chamberlain with Dexter, a slave of Caesar, ate here most agreeably and had a screw at the same time.
Herculaneum (bar/inn joined to the maritime baths); 10678: Apelles Mus and his brother Dexter each pleasurably had sex with two girls twice.
Herculaneum (on a water distribution tower); 10488: Anyone who wants to defecate in this place is advised to move along.  If you act contrary to this warning, you will have to pay a penalty.  Children must pay [number missing] silver coins.  Slaves will be beaten on their behinds.
Herculaneum (on the exterior wall of a house); 10619: Apollinaris, the doctor of the emperor Titus, defecated well here

Graffiti from Pompeii

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Five ways to get a job when you’re over 55 | Washington Times Communities

I have a few more suggestions they don't mention below, that are a little tech-centric: 
1) When listing how much experience you have in tech jobs, to use the term "10+ years" in preference to "20 years" (or more), as more than 10+ can appear a negative to some (you might think you don't want to work for them anyway, but they might meet you and see your value, *if* your resume gets past the initial screening); 
2) Remember to update your resume and flush old-tech sounding terms; 
3) Keep the resume length moderate, such as not listing jobs from more than 15 years ago (unless that's really the job with the relevant experience, which is going to be tricky :-)   )
4) If there are conferences in your field (or planned field), attend some, learn new terminology and best practices, listen to and comment on presentations that you have relevant experience on, make some new contacts, even if you have to travel to attend...

Five ways to get a job when you’re over 55
Older workers have a lot going for them. Follow these five keys to increase your odds of getting a job more quickly when you are over 55. Photo: Wikimedia
SAN DIEGO, May 11, 2012 – The last few years of high unemployment have hit seniors especially hard. While there is some good news, the job market remains rough for people 55 and up.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that senior unemployment was 5.6 percent in 2011. That’s lower than the overall average in the U.S., but it’s doubled from 2.3 percent in 1990. This is because more seniors than ever are working. So many more seniors are looking for work. Some are succeeding, but more are not.
The average duration of unemployment for those 55 is hovering just over 58 weeks – that’s over a year. Consider that at the start of the recession, the average length of unemployment for older workers was just 20.2 weeks. The percentage of senior workers unemployed for 27 weeks or more, called the long-term unemployed, is 58.8 percent. Unemployed younger workers by contrast are out of work an average of 38 weeks.
What older workers have going for themselves is years of knowledge, wisdom, a great work ethic, and the ability to reinvent themselves. They have done it many times over a long career, learning new skills and adopting new technology.
There are five keys to increasing your odds of getting a job more quickly when you are over 55.
1. Build Your Network
The more people know you are looking for a job, the more they can help you with referrals and tips abut openings. Telling your family, friends and neighbors is a good start. But you need to expand your reach by becoming active on the three big social networks online: FacebookTwitter, and especially LinkedIn. Social media is the fastest, most efficient way to spread the word about your job hunt. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the number of companies using sites like LinkedIn to recruit job candidates has increased 50 percent in the last three years.
If you are unsure how to use these tools, there is plenty of advice available on these sites, and free seminars are frequently available. The single more important site for job seekers is LinkedIn, used primary for career and professional networking. It is a must for job seekers. You can post an online resume, join career specific networking groups, and get in touch with former colleagues, clients, and contacts.
2. Stay Focused
While you need to network online, avoid wasting time on huge job databases and sending resumes into a cyberspace black hole. Instead, use your networks to find the websites of companies you might like to work for, places where you may have personal connections. Review the job listings, usually posted under "Careers" or "Employment Opportunities." If you belong to a professional association or organization, its website may have a job banks with openings in your career field. And if you don’t belong to a professional association, now is the time to join.
Take a tip from college graduates and contact key decision makers and leaders for informational interviews. Find out what associations and groups they belong to, and contact them there. Attend their presentations and speeches for the opportunity to meet them.

Prepare and make the most of your job interview. Rehearsing with a colleague is a smart idea.
3. Prepare and Make the Most of Your Interview
Job interviews present special challenges to older candidates. But you can meet and beat any objections with just attention to a few important details. First, stay upbeat. Forget past rejections. The interviewer doesn’t know about them (and doesn’t need to know). Show energy, be dynamic and interesting. The stereotype of older workers is that they will tire out. Look alive! Sit up straight, literally at the edge of your seat. Do your homework about the company and ask smart questions of the interviewer. Be knowledgeable and inquisitive.
Dress professionally and up-to-date. If you haven’t bought a new suit or gotten a new hairstyle in several years, invest in them. Nothing screams irrelevant to a younger interview than an out-of-date fashion image. It may seem superficial, but why not give yourself every change to get the job? Show on the outside what you have to offer on the inside.
4. Stay Engaged
Whether you are offered a temporary, contract or part-time position or a full-time, long-term position, be engaged and involved in all aspects of your workplace. Be on time, volunteer to learn something new, get to know your colleagues. Be a team player. This is important for success at any age. Keep in mind your age may make you seem intimidating or harsh to younger co-workers. Be friendly and approach them as peers, never superior. Keep things light and genuine. They will appreciate your respect and you will have it returned.
Try to avoid resisting new ideas and techniques. Don’t display resentment toward younger supervisors or managers. Be opening to learning, and offer your experience sparingly.
5. Know Your Value
An experienced, seasoned senior employee has a lot to offer. You have seen it all. You don’t sweat the small stuff.  You don’t crumble under pressure. You are not likely to call in sick Monday morning because you have been out at the club dancing and drinking all night. (Although we should never assume or stereotype). You are reliable, diligent, and adaptable. Be confident, make contacts with assurance, and you will be able to show anyone that they need you more than you need them.
Until next time, enjoy the ride in good health!

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Five ways to get a job when you’re over 55 | Washington Times Communities

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Developer Desktop Windows Software for Linux users, Must-Haves - thanks to: good coders code, great reuse

Having found most of these via trial and error, I am happy to see this helpful list from Peteris Krumins...

Must-Have Windows Software (or Windows Programs that I use)

I am not just a Linux enthusiast, I also happen to use Windows quite often. In fact, Windows is my primary desktop from which I connect to all the other boxes and do my work on. During the years of Windows usage, I have accumulated a list of must-have Windows programs that I wouldn't be able to work without. Some of them are commercial, some are freeware, but that doesn't matter. What matters is how productive you are with your setup. If you're really productive on Linux with your own set of tools, it's perfectly fine and you have done a great job of finding the best tools of trade.

1. Total Commander.

I can't imagine working on a computer without Total Commander. Absolutely must-have software. Total Commander is what separates boys from men. Total Commander is probably the #1 reason why I don't use other operating system on my desktop. Tabs, a great GUI interface and customize-everything-configuration make it superior to all the other file managers. If I switch the desktop OS, I'll have to write my own clone of Total Commander or I wouldn't be able to work with the computer. Total commander is shareware.

2. TrueCrypt.

Because you don't want anyone to know what you store on your disks. TrueCrypt the best disk encryption software for Windows. TrueCrypt is freeware.

3. SecureCRT and Putty.

SecureCRT is the SSH client to use. Again, the primary reason I use it is because it has tab support. Puttycomes second as it doesn't have tabs. SecureCRT is shareware. Putty is freeware.

4. WinSCP.

Forget all your FTP clients. FTP is dead and unsecure. I use WinSCP to send all my files over a secure connection. WinSCP is freeware.

5. Cygwin.

Since Windows has never had a usable shell, the only way to get one is to run a local ssh server via Cygwinand connect to localhost via SecureCRT. This way you get the best possible shell. Cygwin is freeware.

6. VMWare Workstation.

I have been using VMWare Workstation since 2004 and have never had a single problem. It's the best virtualization software ever written and nothing comes close. VMWare Workstation is shareware.

7. Synergy.

Synergy allows you to share your mouse and keyboard via network with other computers (no need for a KVM switch). It just works. Synergy is freeware.

8. Beyond compare.

The greatest visual diff tool ever written. Period. Beyond compare is shareware.

9. Tclock2.

Tclock2 is freeware that allows you to customize the windows clock in the systray. I set it todddd\\nhh:nn:ss.

10. Auto Hotkeys.

With Auto Hotkeys you can remap your keyboard and script shortcuts. For one, the first thing to do is to remap ESC to CAPS LOCK so that you could work in Vim. Auto Hotkeys is freeware.

11. Locate32.

Locate32 is to Windows what locate is to Linux. It helps you find all your files in an instant. Locate32 is freeware.

12. allSnap.

allSnap snaps your windows one next to each other, i.e., it aligns them nicely. allSnap is freeware.

13. Fineprint.

Fineprint is the best printer proxy ever. Allows you to print multiple pages per sheet even much more smartly than your printer does. Plus it has a real print preview. Fineprint is shareware.

14. Launchy.

I can't imagine working without Launchy. It's QuickSilver for Windows. It allows to quickly launch programs by pressing Alt+Space and typing in the first few chars of the program's name. Launchy is freeware.

15. ClipX.

ClipX maintains a paste buffer. Use Winkey+V to paste from it. If you haven't used it, it will change the way you work with your computer. ClipX is freeware.

16. DU Meter.

Du Meter measures your network usage and shows nice plots of it. I like it. Du Meter is shareware.

17. Taskbar Shuffle.

Taskbar Shuffle allows you to rearrange taskbar tabs and systray icons. Must-have. Taskbar Shuffle is freeware.

18. UltraMon.

If you're on a multi-screen setup, like me, UltraMon adds taskbars to your other screens. It's productivity super-booster. UltraMon is shareware.

19. Sumatra PDF.

Adobe Reader got bloated and died 5 years ago. Foxit Reader got bloated died 2 years ago. I hope Sumatra PDF reader doesn't die. Sumatra PDF is freeware.

20. KeePass.

KeePass is a secure password manager. I probably have 10 thousand passwords in it secured by one master password. Keepass is freeware.

21. RoboForm.

While KeePass keeps your passwords secure in a file, RoboForm allows you to dynamically submit them to various website forms. It also stores them under the master password. RoboForm is shareware.

22. WinRAR.

WinRAR is the best archivator for Windows. I have been using it since I was born. 7-Zip doesn't come close. WinRAR is shareware.

23. Inkscape.

Inkscape is a descent vector graphics editor. It's free.

24. FFDShow.

FFDShow is a codec library. If you wish to watch all kinds of videos on your computer, it's a must-have. FFDShow is freeware.

25. Media Player Classic.

MPC is the best video player for windows. It doesn't have skins or any other useless bullshit. MPC is freeware.

26. Real Alternative.

Real Alternative will use Media Player Classic to play RealMedia files. Real Alternative is freeware.

27. Quicktime Alternative.

Quicktime Alternative is to QuickTime files what Real Alternative is to RealMedia files. Freeware.

28. AviSynth.

AviSynth is a video processing programming language. If you wish to speed your videos up, it's a must-have. AviSynth is freeware.

29. FFMpeg.

FFMpeg is a must-have for converting videos and working with AviSynth scripts. FFMpeg is freeware.

30. VirtualDub.

VirtualDub is another must-have software for editing videos on Windows. VirtualDub is freeware.

31. Dependency Walker.

Sometimes programs don't work because of DLL hell. Dependency Walker helps you to diagnose and solve these problems. Dependency Walker is freeware.

32. Most of the Sysinternals tools.

Autoruns, regmon, procmon, procexp, tcpview, to name a few from Sysinternals are just must-have. They are all freeware.

33. File & Folder Unlocker.

UFFunlock is used when you get the nasty "Access denied" errors and you know that no process should be using the resource. FFunlock is freeware.

34. Hijackthis.

Hijackthis is necessary just to make sure you don't have nasty programs on your computer. Hijackthis is freeware.

35. ImgBurn.

ImgBurn is the new Nero. It burns your CDs and DVDs. ImgBurn is freeware.

36. IsoBuster.

IsoBuster knows all the CD/DVD image formats. IsoBuster is shareware.

37. Virtual CloneDrive.

Virtual CloneDrive allows you to mount ISOs right as windows drives. Virtual CloneDrive is freeware.

38. SQLyog.

As crappy as SQLyog is, it's somehow the most usable MySQL front-end. 10 years ago I used mysql-gui-console but the project got discontinued and no one has written a usable MySQL front-end ever since. If I'm ever in a mood, I'll write one that doesn't suck. SQLyog is shareware but I wouldn't pay a cent for it.

39. pgAdmin.

I applaud to pgAdmin dev team for making the best GUI front-end for PostgreSQL. Folks who write MySQL front-ends should learn from these guys. They know what a GUI tool should do. pgAdmin is freeware.

40. XML Notepad.

A notepad.exe for XML files. Allows you to edit XML smartly without destroying its structure accidentally.XML Notepad is freeware.

41. Hex Workshop.

Hex Workshop is a really great and easy to use Hex editor. It's shareware.

42. Vim.

For everything else.

What tools do you use?

This was a list of tools that I can't live without. What tools did I miss?

Must-Have Windows Software (or Windows Programs that I use) - good coders code, great reuse

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