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25 Habits to Break if You Want a Job, thanks to CareerSherpa

25 Habits to Break if You Want a Job


"...These are the top 25 habits to break, or not fall into, if you want to land a job quickly:


  1. Only apply for jobs online
  2. Send the same generic cover letter to every job you apply to
  3. Use the same resume for every job you apply to
  4. Don’t network or meet new people
  5. Don’t ask your friends and family for information
  6. Complain about being unemployed
  7. Bad mouth your previous employer
  8. Don’t target companies, apply to anything anywhere
  9. Ask everyone you know for a job
  10. Be vague, general and “able to do anything”
  11. Don’t take time to assess your strengths and passion
  12. Don’t research salaries
  13. Don’t follow up on anything
  14. Wing the interview, who needs to prepare
  15. Don’t do anything differently
  16. Stay away from LinkedIn and social media
  17. Keep your search geography very small, don’t apply for jobs outside this range
  18. Only consider the large, well known employers
  19. Talk a lot and chew gum during the interview, and bring a friend along
  20. Assume the company will let you know the status of their opening
  21. Don’t try and negotiate the job offer
  22. Wait and wait and wait for the company to call you
  23. Show you are desperate for the job, maybe they’ll feel sorry for you
  24. Don’t invest time to learn new things about your occupation
  25. Don’t read newspapers, trade publications or industry newsletters

It is quite easy to fall into the “wrong” routine- one that is not producing the results you want. If you find that you aren’t getting interviews or enough interviews, change something you are doing. If you find you are getting interviews but not getting job offers (remember, you won’t be offered every job you interview for) evaluate what you are saying and how you are saying it by videotaping yourself or getting feedback. Taking ownership and being pro-active in your job search rests in your capable hands!

If you just change one of these 25 things, and give it time (it generally takes 30 days to break a habit!), you can start to see different outcomes."

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