Friday, February 3, 2012

Collection of Handy Perl Scripts - courtesy of Peteris Krumins' blog

Announcing perl1line.txt - Collection of Handy Perl Scripts - good coders code, great reuse:

"The ultimate goal of the Perl One-Liners Explained article series was to release the perl1line.txt file. Last week I finished the series and today I am happy to announce perl1line.txt - a collection of handy Perl one-liner scripts.

The perl1line.txt file contains over a hundred short Perl one-line scripts for various text processing tasks. The file processing tasks include: changing file spacing, numbering lines, doing calculations, creating strings and arrays, converting and substituting text, selective printing and deleting of certain lines and text filtering and modifications through regular expressions.

The latest version of perl1line.txt is always at:
Here is the full table of contents of perl1line.txt:

File Spacing.
Line Numbering.
String Creation and Array Creation.
Text Conversion and Substitution.
Selective Printing and Deleting of Certain Lines.
Handy Regular Expressions.
You can send me bug fixes and updates via GitHub. I put the file in its own perl1line.txt repository. I also accept translations. Send them in!"

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