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John Aynsley recognized for contribution to SystemC, via EETimes blog

John Aynsley recognized for contribution to SystemC:
Couldn't happen to a nicer (and more helpful) guy!

John Aynsley recognized for contribution to SystemC

Brian Bailey

2/24/2012 2:24 PM EST

If you have ever sat on a standards committee, you know that it takes a very special type of person to be able to do this week after week, year after year and to see something driven to completion. Most of the time it is a thankless task and employees are seldom really given the time allowance to do it properly. It thus spreads into their personal time. It is even more difficult when you are in Europe as it often means staying at work late in order to satisfy the Pacific coast people who don’t like getting up early and dealing with traffic.

Today, I am pleased to hear that the Accellera Systems Initiative™ has announced that John Aynsley, a member of the IEEE 1666 SystemC™ Language Standard Working Group, is the first recipient of the Accellera Systems Initiative Technical Excellence Award. The Award will be presented at the Design & Verification Conference (DVCon) on Accellera Systems Initiative Day, February 27, 2012 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, California. The Award recognizes the outstanding achievements John has made to the organization’s SystemC standardization efforts.

“SystemC is an established high-level modeling language,” remarked Shishpal Rawat, Accellera Systems Initiative chair. “John’s contributions to the SystemC language span the full range of the language and have significantly improved the quality of what is now known as IEEE 1666-2011. Because of his longstanding dedication, John has become known as Mr. SystemC and is seen as a great asset to our community.”

“It is a great honor to be recognized by industry peers who participated with me in the OSCI, IEEE and Accellera Systems Initiative standards organizations,” said John Aynsley, CTO, Doulos. “I plan to continue contributing and collaborating on further development of the SystemC standard and its related modeling standards.”

Most recently, John served as technical lead and author of the IEEE Standard 1666-2011 SystemC Language Reference Manual and implemented the 1666-compliance regression test suite for the Accellera Systems Initiative proof-of-concept SystemC simulator. He also co-authored the IEEE Standard 1666-2005 SystemC Language Reference Manual and authored the Open SystemC Initiative™ (OSCI™) Transaction-Level Modeling (TLM) 2.0 Language Reference Manual.

John Aynsley graduated from Durham University, England, with a degree in Mathematics. He has spent his entire career working in EDA, specializing in hardware description and verification languages. In 1991, John became the co-founder and CTO of Doulos, where he has delivered over 1,000 days of customer training over a 20-year period.

Congratulations John!

Brian Bailey – keeping you covered

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