Thursday, March 8, 2012

Magma Assimilation, Forte (news + jobs), DVcon, Specman e, Atrenta, Calypto

If you care at all about EDA and verification, you should definitely get on John Cooley's mailing list.  Good stuff!

Connie "I Was Assimilated by Cadence, But I Got Better" O'Dell
Sr. Verification Specialist
CO Consulting - Boulder, CO -

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From: John Cooley
Date: Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 3:32 AM
Subject: TSMC 28 nm, DVcon, Specman e, Atrenta, Calypto, Forte, SKILL

 "I feel bad for the Magma employees being absorbed by the
  Synopsys Borg.  Today they learn that resistance is futile."

      - An EDA Vendor on SNPS-LAVA merger completing


 HW forums cite rumor that TSMC suddenly halted 28 nm production

 Brett's quickie trip reports on both DVcon'12 and NASCUG'12 confs

 CDNS too afraid of SV sales to support SNPS/MENT Specman "e"

 Three chip designers hands-on evals of Atrenta Spyglass Power

 We cut another 9% of power using the Calypto RTL PowerPro tool

 Shiv compares IC Manage, CVS, and Subversion for digital design

 I designed a USB 3.0 core using SystemC and Forte Cynthesizer

 Huh? SKILL sklint() already built into the Virtuoso environment


 Docea Power to unveil AceThermalModeler at upcoming DATE'12

 Jasper CEO Kathryn Kranen in San Jose Mercury News interview

 San Jose, CA - Forte seeks SystemC Cynthesizer field engineers

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