Monday, October 8, 2012

Therapeutic uses of Buckyballs, Formerly available in USA (CPSC is forming rules against these) @OnSafety #SaveOurBalls

I did not know about these important therapeutic uses.  I knew of their uses to calm and focus engineers, and other people that like to assemble intricate structures, but I assumed we were alone in this.  The website at the end notes ways to oppose the rule-making.

Victoria Storz
Buckyballs are more to me than just entertaining magnets. I have a disorder called trichotillomania, which simply means I compulsively pull out my hair. Buckyballs help me, because my hands can stay busy with them in a multitude of ways. My math teacher two years ago gave me her set, in hopes of helping me with my trich; they help so much. Yes, if swallowed they can be very dangerous, but so can tons of other things; that's why, as it is clearly stated, they are not meant for children. Not only can I move them around and just keep my hands busy doing nothing with them, but I can make shapes and figures and consume my focus onto something else when having a pulling spree. I use my buckyballs during tests, during speeches, when bored, etc. They have a great texture and are easily moved and they help me SO much. So please, "hands off my balls!"

  • Désirée Knight Harrison
    I also suffer from trichotillomania (and dermatillomania) and buckyballs have helped me as well. I'm glad to know i'm not the only one out there that finds this amazing product useful to stay occupied and focused away from pulling or picking at my skin.

  • Lisa Leone ·  Top Commenter · Business Analyst at Allstate Benefits
    Thank you for sharing that. I have a form of body dismorphic disorder that makes me not want to have anything but smooth skin and as a result I am prone to pick at acne and existing scars and mosquito bites... working with the balls helped me find a focus away from my body. They are smooth. It makes me less conscious about my body and helps me let the acne and scars heal. I practice with the balls going from hex tubes to cubes. Which also helps me calm myself and be ready for bed at night.

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