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How to avoid missing Facebook Page posts [thanks to Always Upward !]

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How to avoid missing Facebook Page posts
Hey...who hid the Page posts?
When you first "like" a Facebook page, posts from that page appear in your newsfeed. With
time, however, they became less frequent, eventually disappearing entirely.
Crazy thing? The page has nothing to do with that disappearing act. It's due to EdgeRank, a
less-than-warm-n-fuzzy algorithm program Facebook uses to determine what you get to
see...and what you don't.
(Translated: Unless you frequently visit "liked" pages, as well as click on, share, or "like" their
posts, EdgeRank stops including them in your newsfeed. Well written posts that don't require a
click-through end up penalizing the page. And the fan.)
The following steps help reclaim those missing page posts, putting you squarely back in the
driver's seat.
1. Click the MORE link (bottom, left side menu on your Home
2. In the INTERESTS section that appears, click "Add Interests"
3. Click "Create List"
How to avoid missing Facebook Page posts by Page 2
4. Click the items you want to add to your new List
You'll see all Pages you've "liked" in the past.
Clicking on their profile pic adds a little blue checkmark, which then adds them to your new
5. When finished, click the Next button (lower right)
6. Name your new List and set visibility
P.S. If you set the List to "Public," more folks get to share the love.

Ta-da! Your new List automatically appears, complete with ALL
posts from Pages.

From now on, your List will appear on your Home screen (left
menu, bottom)
Sometimes, it will be hidden under the MORE link. Just click MORE to see your INTERESTS
section again.

Are you a Page admin?
There are a few things you can do to increase the odds of posts appearing in newsfeeds:

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