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News from Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park - Home of the Codebreakers

HRH The Duchess of Cornwall to visit Bletchley Park

Duddery Hut 6, Bletchley ParkHRH will meet some of the amazing women who worked at Bletchley Park during World War Two, at a reception held in their honour. Women outnumbered men at the Government Code and Cypher School by three to one, but all had in common the 'Ultra' secret which they kept faithfully for at least another thirty years. Many never told their parents, spouses or children what they had contributed to the war effort. Now they can talk about the great secret, it is a privilege to hear them share their stories.

Read more about the visit here.

Heroes of Bletchley Park

Jerry Roberts and The QueenCaptain Jerry Roberts MBE is as passionate as ever an advocate of his colleagues at Bletchley Park. He told the Bletchley Park Trust: "We have these three men whom I call the three heroes of Bletchley Park, Turing, Tutte and Tommy Flowers. Turing stopped not just Britain but Europe from being plunged into 50 years of a Nazi dark age. Tutte helped greatly to shorten the war. Tommy Flowers has laid the foundation of everything that's happened in the computer world internationally. These were great men and they've not been treated like great men. They did great things, achieved great things. I would like to suggest a joint statue on that fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square. That's if David Beckham doesn't mind." Read more about Captain Roberts' work in the Testery, what he did after the war and his campaign to raise awareness of the unsung heroes of Bletchley Park, which has earned him an MBE.

On the cusp of faithful restoration, iconic Huts 6 & 3 and Block C

Huts 3 and 6 and Block CBletchley Park's 7.4 million pound, Heritage Lottery Funded restoration programme is about to get underway in earnest. There are nearly 18 months of building work ahead all over the site, and that's only the beginning. Bletchley Park Trust CEO Iain Standen took a look inside Hut 6 to demonstrate the scale of the task ahead. Read more about the restoration.

67 years on, Veteran Wren Nancy Jackson learns the importance of her contribution

Nancy JacksonWhen Veterans visit Bletchley Park, it's fascinating to find out what they did and how their particular job fitted into the Codebreaking operation. In Nancy Jackson's case, it wasn't quite what she thought. Like many who worked at the quiet country retreat that had been taken over by the Government Code and Cypher School, Nancy didn't know how her specific job fitted into the highly compartmentalised organisation. During her visit, the Bletchley Park Trust's CEO Iain Standen established that she had worked in the Newmanry, the section led by Max Newman, to develop machines which would take the work of the Testery, where senior cryptographers broke into Lorenz by hand, and speed up the process. She described herself as a tiny cog. You can read more about Nancy Jackson here.

Easter 2013Plan a packed spring at Bletchley Park

Bletchley Park's 2013 Events calendar is springing into action with an exciting line up of fantastic days out to entertain the whole family. With Bletchley Park's annual season ticket, you only have to pay for your first visit. You can then return time and time again for up to 12 months – free – which means that you and the family can come to all our Easter, spring and summer activities and only pay once. Find out more.

Malta George Cross 1940-42

During World War Two, Malta played an important role owing to its proximity to Axis shipping lanes. The bravery of the Maltese people during the second Siege of Malta moved King George VI to award the George Cross to Malta on a collective basis on 15 April 1942 "to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history." Bletchley Park historian and tour guide Bob Horner gave a talk on this subject as part of the Winter Lecture Series. You can now listen to it on the Bletchley Park Audioboo Channel, where the latest episode of the Bletchley Park Podcast is available now.

Next in the Winter Lecture Series, Paul Rimmer talks about Cabinet Office, JIC & Intelligence Assessments, Then and Now on 14th February at 7.30pm. Visit the Bletchley Park online shop for tickets.

Aramark begins new catering contract at Bletchley Park

Hut 4

Aramark now runs 'The Cafe in Hut 4' which serves visitors and group bookings. Hut 4 was a codebreaking hut during World War Two. It housed the Naval Intelligence Section initially and then Military Section, Intelligence Exchange and Wireless Transmission co-ordination until the end of the war. A new cafe within the visitor centre is planned for 2014. In addition, Aramark will be managing Bletchley Park's on-site group booking services.


Rose rebrand Bletchley Park

The Bletchley Park Trust has appointed London branding specialists Rose, to work with them on a strategic review of the brand. Find out more about this prestigious partnership.

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