Monday, February 4, 2013

Which Gmail filter has starred this message?, Superstars, &c

"Which Gmail filter has starred this message"
or the broader question,
"Which of my Gmail filters have been used to alter the state of this message"
When searching for an answer to the above question (all of which seemed unsatisfactory, and cause me to realize that once again I am on the bleeding edge ("You Can Tell The Pioneers By The Arrows In Their Backs") in my use of a large number of Gmail filters, I did come upon this answer, which I think may help me out.  At least if I use different star types when starring mail to highlight it, I will then be able to see which rule was in effect to do so.  Is it better than assigning a unique label for a given rule every time a rule stars a messages?  Dunno, that is the other workaround I thought of.  (Or to give up on the auto-starring and hope Priority Inbox is good enough for all my interest, it is pretty good already).
I am still interested in the "real" answer to the above question, rather than editing my mail-starring rules, so if you know it, please advise!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gmail Superstars

One of the 13 features added to Gmail Labs in May is Superstars, an extension of Gmail's starring system. Instead of using a single star to flag all the messages, you can choose between 12 icons.

After enabling Superstars in Gmail Labs and clicking on "Save changes", go to thesettings and select the icons you want to use. The exclamation mark is useful to flag important messages, quotes could show that a message needs a reply, while the info icon could be used for messages that contain valuable information.

To star messages faster, enable keyboard shortcuts in the settings. "The superstars will rotate when you press the 's' keyboard shortcut or when you click successively," explains Google. "Rotating through the superstars only works when you click (or hit 's') successively. If you pause for a second, then the next click will turn off the superstar. It's designed this way so that if you never click successively, then you'll just get the original on/off toggle behavior."

If you want to find the messages that have a certain kind of star, use one of the following queries:
has:yellow-star (or l:^ss_sy)
has:blue-star (or l:^ss_sb)
has:red-star (or l:^ss_sr)
has:orange-star (or l:^ss_so)
has:green-star (or l:^ss_sg)
has:purple-star (or l:^ss_sp)
has:red-bang (or l:^ss_cr)
has:yellow-bang (or l:^ss_cy)
has:blue-info (or l:^ss_cb)
has:orange-guillemet (or l:^ss_co)
has:green-check (or l:^ss_cg)
has:purple-question (or l:^ss_cp)

You can enable the Quick Links labs feature to save some of these queries so that they are always accessible with a single click. Just search for has:blue-star or any other value and click on "Add Quick Link".

Gmail Superstars

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