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Paper Conversations: nice idea from Accidental Genius (Mark Levy) – review thanks to Blog

This seems like an interesting generalization of an effective engineering technique we have used, where one describes how something would be engineered to a colleague *even if* the colleague doesn't understand the details of the implementation.  In describing our plan, we may develop the questions/concerns that we did not understand until we had to cast our ideas into words, such that it could make sense to others.  I really like this book. - Cheers, Connie

 "Hold a Paper Conversation
This one is fun.

You can talk to anyone. Steve Jobs, your local grocer, your grandmother, Oprah, talking owl, yourself 20 years ago or 20 years in the future. Or, you can remove yourself entirely from the situation and produce a discussion between others.

There are two rules to make these conversations successful:

First, when holding a paper conversation with a character, it’s important to make the character as real as possible. Before holding a paper conversation with a character, take a couple of minutes to write about the character. Be as specific as possible. Go as far into detail as you want. Also, don’t forget to think about the place where the conversation is taking place.

Second, get the characters to make you speak. Let yourself do the majority of the talking during the conversation. The character should act mainly as a gentle guide which draws fresh observations from your own words."

[The discussion noted above can be tunneled into by reading the 2nd and third pages of the above-name chapter (pages 62-63 of my 1st edition on my desk). ]

Accidental Genius Summary – Blog

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