Monday, March 4, 2013

Problem roll-up: 'Search Box" gadget fails to function - Google Groups

In case this is also broken on your blog:

Problem roll-up: 'Search Box" gadget fails to function 
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Mar 2
Users are reporting that the "Search Box" gadget - found under basics > is failing to work. If you're one of the affected ones, please leave your information here. Your feedback could help Blogger investigate if this is an outbreak, and see if there is a possible way to fix it.
Typical complaint: When searching their blog > This Blog etc > shows > No results - when there should be
Particulars required:
1. Blog address: ?
2. Browser used: ?
3. Template type: ? Standard or third party template
4. Blogger Template typevery old or new
5. Do your posts contain only images: ?
6. What year did you first start posting: ?
7. Are you copying & pasting text into your posts: ? - from say, MS Word or the like
8. Customization details: What kind of customization have you made? (Changed font; added custom CSS, etc)
9. Prior to it failing: What changes had you made, if any
10. Any other details: Tell us if you think something else triggered it, or any other details that could be helpful.
11. Does this happen in other web browsers: ?
It seems to be working for some users. If you still can't get it to work in your browser, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies.
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Problem roll-up: 'Search Box" gadget fails to function - Google Groups

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