Thursday, April 11, 2013

Free DAC (Austin) tickets: Atrenta/Jasper/Forte giving away I HEART DAC tickets, thanks to John Cooley

Subject: SCOOP -- Atrenta/Jasper/Forte giving away I HEART DAC tickets

Although not it's officially announced yet -- Atrenta, Jasper, and Forte
are sponsoring the 5th year in a row of the I HEART DAC campaign that
gives away free passes to the upcoming DAC'13 in Austin, Texas.

These I HEART DAC passes give the bearer free exhibit entry from Monday
through Wednesday (June 3 -5), plus entry into the Designer Track, plus
the five Keynotes, plus DAC Pavilion panels and networking events.

This year's DAC will have 175 exhibitors with 17 first-timers.

The Designer's Track will have 56 talks in 12 sessions and 100 posters.

In addition, since DAC is in Austin, there's an added DESIGNED IN TEXAS
track where the local Texas engineers will give invited 30-minute talks
across two days of the conference -- with the idea of having Texas
engineers directly networking with each other.

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Why is DAC in Austin this year?

Here's a sample of the big employers of design and verification engineers
just in Austin alone:

                 IBM Corp.                    6,239
                 Freescale Semiconductor      5,000
                 Apple                        3,000
                 Advanced Micro Devices       2,933
                 Applied Materials            2,250
                 National Instruments         2,200
                 Flextronics                  1,875
                 Samsung                      1,100
                 Intel Corp.                  1,000
                 Spansion                       900
                 Cisco Systems                  800
                 BAE Systems                    675
                 Hewlett-Packard                550
                 Oracle                         515
                 Silicon Laboratories           500
                 Image Microsystems             500
                 ARM                            100
                 Altera                          50

With Qualcomm, TI, Broadcom, Agere, Cirrus, Cypress, LSI, Motorola, ST, L-3,
Marvell, Huawei, Nokia, Wipro, and Vitesse nearby!

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The I HEART DAC program first started back in 2009 when Atrenta, Denali
and Springsoft together bought 600 tickets to give to unemployed design
and verification engineers so they could still attend DAC'09 -- to keep
their careers current.

That was 5 years ago.  Since then, the I HEART DAC program has expanded
to accept ANY engineer (employed or unemployed) who wants to attend DAC.

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To get your free I HEART DAC exhibit pass, you must register here:

And I'll see you at DAC!   :)

    - John Cooley                               Holliston, MA

Atrenta/Jasper/Forte giving away I HEART DAC tickets

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