Friday, June 28, 2013

Google sues IRS; NSA and Your Freedom, Part 2, and more thanks to GMSV

Google sues IRS over AOL in today’s alphabet soup winner

Posted on Friday June 28, 2013
The news that ginormous search giant Google is suing the IRS over a transaction with AOL has tech experts across the country asking: What’s AOL?

Plugging away: Army blocks Guardian website in wake of NSA spying reports; Stuxnet leak probe

Posted on Friday June 28, 2013
File this under “F” for futile: The Army is restricting access to the Guardian website to try to crack down on leaks, theMonterey County Herald reports. The Guardian was the first to write about the extent of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program earlier this month, and it reported details about a separate spying program yesterday. The Guardian’s reports are based on classified documents leaked by former government tech contractor Edward Snowden, who is now wanted by U.S. authorities.

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