Saturday, August 2, 2014

Blind Cafe Boulder,Dinner in the Dark,Aug1-3 only! tix #BlindCafe @downtownboulder @BoulderCVB @DailyCamera #Boulder

If you like to meet guide dogs, sensory tasting experiences, wine, and dark chocolate, sweet music, and a new and unique experience to share with friends old and new, sighted and unsighted (cool date night), check out the Blind Cafe in Boulder, 7PM, Aug 1-3, 2014, held in downtown Boulder at the Integral Center.

I participated last night, and it is everything I have heard about - Sabina, Mary Ann, and Rick, our beautiful and loving blind waitstaff, helped us find our tables, and answered a lot of our questions about their unique experience.
I found my food, and ate it - don't be afraid to use your hands!  Don't be afraid to lick the plate.  :-)

If you liked it, tell your friends!  Or just check it out on the links below.

Tickets and Website:

FB event page:

The Blind Cafe Videos:

Thanks to Gerry Leary for first telling me about Blind Cafes, and to Rosh and friends for hosting one in Boulder again!

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