Friday, October 17, 2014

Robert Kurshan et al on Formal Verification, San Jose, Oct. 23 (11:45 AM-3:30 PM), Decoding Formal Club Anniversary Event | Oski Technology | Formal Verification Methodology

Robert Kurshan | Oski Technology | Formal Verification Methodology

A neat event to attend for anyone in the Verification field, esp. if you are in or around San Jose.

If you go, say hi to (Bob) K. for me! - Connie

"Oski Technology takes pride in helping our customers reach success through formal application and adoption. In 2013, Oski created the industry-wide Decoding Formal Club, with the goal to share formal knowledge and experience. Thus far the Club has been a lively forum for talks on formal sign-off methodology, achieving sign-off with bounded proof or abstraction models and building a formal test plan for sign-off.

The next Decoding Formal Club meeting will be held on Thursday, October 23, at the Computer History museum.  Synopsys is sponsoring this event.
  • Vigyan Singhal will present another important topic related to formal sign-off ––End-to-End checkers. The presentation will explain what they are, and how to write them efficiently to achieve formal sign-off.
  • Syed Suhaib, CPU and Tegra formal verification team manager at NVIDIA, will share insights on his team’s real-world formal experience in verifying the recently announced NVIDIA Denver CPU.
  • Robert Kurshan, a noted formal verification pioneer, will talk about formal verification of cache coherence. He will cover its history and discuss actual requirements and practical options for verifying memory consistency using a model checker.
We hope you can join us for insightful talks, “formal” networking, museum tours, gifts and Indian food to celebrate Diwali. By joining us, you will be another step closer to success.
Pre-registration is required. To register, please visit:"

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