Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SystemC & TLM-2.0 Free Training: How to be Successful - thanks to Doulos!

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The Keys to SystemC & TLM-2.0:
How to be Successful

 Live online training
Date: Friday October 31st, 2014
Duration: 1 hour (with live Q&A)
Presenter: David C Black
Cost: FREE! 
Schedule: All time zones covered

SystemC Graphic

SystemC has become well-established as the language of choice for system modeling and virtual platform creation and integration, and is now being applied successfully for high level synthesis. SystemC models also frequently appear as reference models in the hardware verification flow.This session is aimed at hands-on hardware or software engineers who might know Verilog or C but have no previous experience of SystemC.

Full description: The Keys to SystemC & TLM-2.0: How to be Successful

Schedule and Registration:
Friday October 31st: For Europe and Asia
Time: 11am-12pm (GMT - UK) 12pm-1pm (CET)  4.30pm-5.30pm (IST)

Friday October 31st: For North America (also Europe if late afternoon preferred)
Time: 11am-12pm (PDT)  1pm-2pm (CDT)  2pm-3pm (EDT)  6pm-7pm (GMT - UK)

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