Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Clean install of debug tools for virus-infested computers: Ninite Ad-Aware Malwarebytes TeamViewer Unattended Silent Installer

We recently had some virus issues and using Ninite to install the tools for fixing it keeps you from installing more trojans.  Like, for instance, we recently accidentally installed backdoors that trojans took advantage of when we installed TeamViewer, which we were using to help one of our moms with their computers.  A few days later, it is virus city.  Considering something very similar happened to two other non-windows-experts we know in the last 3 months, I would say the virus-writers are getting very effective in compromising machines.  One of the machines even had MalwareBytes on it, and it alerted the user to the presence of the viruses, and cleaned some of them up...  the others just got slower and slower and started bringing up popups like mad, and...

Anyway, for the software that is on Ninite, it is a nice way to install them.  The installer above just installs TeamViewer, MalwareBytes, and Ad-Aware.  I use the first 2 always, and the third can be a help, although I don't always install all the options.  We found AdwCleaner and SpyHunter useful too, but they arent on Ninite.

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