Saturday, January 16, 2016

Does using a GoodRx coupon to discount a prescription drug prevent me from using my HSA to pay for it? : thanks to reddit personalfinance

"Hello from GoodRx -

The commenter above is incorrect. Prescriptions purchased using a GoodRx discount CAN be paid for via your HSA account.

Here's proof from the IRS's website:

I should also mention that the majority of people who use GoodRx have insurance in some shape or form. Sadly, many Americans are underinsured, and are subject to large deductibles, restricted formularies and other limitations which prevent them from getting a fair price. That's where we can help.

One other thought - most insurance plans will let you submit prescriptions that are purchased without your insurance for coverage. This feature depends on your particular plan and can take some work to complete a claim form, but it often exists. So it's not mutually exclusive - a prescription purchased using GoodRx may actually be able to count towards your deductible, out-of-pocket max, etc.

Hope that helps."

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