Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Why does my facebook post keep showing an old photo for my ad? or: caching - How to clear Facebook's image cache - thanks to Stack Overflow

caching - How to clear Facebook's image cache - Stack Overflow

Q: I have a Facebook application that's created several wall-posts on behalf of my users. The image in the wall posts is cached by Facebook's servers. I've replaced the original image on my server and I would like to clear Facebook's image cache so all of the other wall posts update with the new image.
Original cached URL, now updated with new image.http://vcweb2.s3.amazonaws.com/assets/web/images/icon_square.png
Is this possible? Thanks!
A: The way to "force" facebook to clear their cache for a specific url is to use the Debugger tool.
I tried using the debugger with the url of the image and it shows the new image and not the old one, though when trying the cached link you posted the old image still appears.
I suspect that if you try to post new posts the new icon will be used and not the old cached version, but that link you posted probably won't be changed.
[Thanks again, stack exchange! - ed]

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