Wednesday, December 14, 2016

ESL: BoulderReads CIE Internet resources and activities, thanks to!

English language learning resources:

Warm Up Activities

Conversation and ESL Resources

  • VOA Learning English: – This wonderful public radio website is designed for English language learners.  Short, slow radio reports look at American history, national parks, the English language, and current news

  • ESL-lab: - A deep, excellent resource for adult ESL students with developed listening exercises for low, intermediate, and high students.  Practical.

  • Many Things: - Multiple levels.  The site includes vocabulary, quizzes, proverb quizzes, and idiom games.

  • TED Talks: - Hear some of the world's leading experts speak about a wide variety of topics.  Most talks are 15-20 minutes long.  Most videos include subtitles and transcripts too. (Advanced)


Videos on Intelligibility

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