Monday, February 11, 2013

Productive Skype Team Collaboration


Skype – if you’d told someone you’d be able to have a meeting with five people in different countries 20 years ago it would have seemed like an absurd notion (particularly for if you mentioned that it was free). Skype is now common place and has become the standard for voice calls over the internet (as well as chat, video conferencing and file transfers). It’s free to use across a number of devices, including iPhones, Nokia, Symbian and just about every operating system known to man. More than 520 million people worldwide use Skype – if you haven’t joined the party yet, you should download it and create an account today.
If you’re an existing user and chat or video conferencing is part of  your business, you might want to think about how to make your Skype usage more productive; Firstly you want to make sure that team members are not distracted by messages from friends. So consider a policy where all team members have separate Skype accounts for work, and the rule to only use this account with work contacts. Also if a text chat discussion starts going past a few sentences at a time, it’s usually faster to switch to a quick phone call and discuss thing the old fashioned way. Note: we are working on some specific productivity features for Skype which will give you reports of how long you chatted on Skype each week and with which people.
How we use Skype: Training, quick questions to other team members, all of our phone calls (including to clients), video conferencing, daily meetings for our development team, simple screen sharing.
Screen sharing technology -  Skype allows you to share your screen to another user, and Jing allows to record your screen – If you need something extra, there are some great screen sharing technologies around which are perfect for technical support or sharing information that needs a visual demonstration on a person’s computer screen. There are several companies that provide this technology, the ones we recommend to try are: Yuuguu , Team Viewer and Dimdim.

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