Thursday, March 7, 2013

IEEE OnlineGreenComm - 10 May is “Call for Papers” deadline

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IEEE GreenCom is now IEEE OnlineGreenComm

IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications (OnlineGreenComm 2013), the virtual forum dedicated to the advancement of energy-efficient communications and green networking technologies, will hold its third annual event from 29-31 October 2013. Rebranded from IEEE GreenCom to reflect the fully online agenda of the entire three-day program, IEEE OnlineGreenComm will consist of nearly one dozen sessions devoted to the development of next wave green communications and energy saving technologies.

Interested participants are invited to visit for more details including conference updates and submission guidelines. The "Call for Papers" deadline is 10 May for original, unpublished research papers.

Held entirely online, the three-day event is designed specifically to enable attendees from all over the world to actively participate in scores of presentations on energy efficiency in an extremely energy-efficient environment. In addition to providing the ability to interact with hundreds of international colleagues, this deeply informative, ecological and educational event will also embrace the latest powerful online conferencing tools to offer a near-physical experience that is both cost-effective and time-sensitive to today's busy schedules.

Webcast internationally and then published at IEEE Xplore, IEEE OnlineGreenComm will host a wide selection of keynotes and technical papers on subjects ranging from green communications in LTE networks and multi-period traffic engineering to green optical network survivability and demand response communications services. Other benefits include the ability to present research live and then interact with audience members in real-time with moderator support. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Green Solutions for Communications Technologies including energy-efficient measurement profiling, networking and protocols, communications management, data centers and wired, wireless, vehicular and content delivery networks
  • Green Society Solutions based on Communications Technologies including smart cities, smart sensing, E-health, energy-efficient buildings, energy harvesting, industrial automation, Machine-to-Machine communications (M2M) and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
  • Smart Grid Communications including advanced metering infrastructure and smart meter technologies, wide-area monitoring and control, demand-response management, distributed generation and storage, operations of renewable energy generation, management & control of distributed energy storage, grid-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-grid and micro-grids

Everyone interested in either attending or presenting at IEEE OnlineGreenComm is invited to visit for conference updates and/or original paper submission guidelines.  In addition, all website visitors are encouraged to network with colleagues and peers, share their professional experiences or discuss IEEE OnlineGreenComm through the conference's Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages. 



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