Friday, June 21, 2013

robot future; mental illness, bike offenders, Tourette’s and Twitter, dead blogs, thanks to GMSV

MIT’s Cynthia Breazeal talks our robot future with Thomas Friedman

Posted on Thursday June 20, 2013
Cynthia Breazeal stopped by a global gabfest hosted by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman to talk about how there’s no need to worry that the robots she’s working on at MIT are going to take over the world and eat us.

Off topic: Peppers, mental illness, biking offenders, Tourette’s and Twitter, dead blogs
Posted on Friday June 21, 2013
Here’s a hot story: peppers, pleasure and pain. On the persistent mental-illness taboo. A registry of sidewalk-biking offenders in San Francisco.Surrender Your Say uses Twitter as a tool for Tourette’s awareness. (via Metafilter) And Zombie Dead Blog isn’t about the walking dead, it’s a blog about abandoned blogs. (via Mental Floss)

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