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HR Pornography: Interview videos - thanks to Ask the Headhunter!

Ask The Headhunter® | Nick Corcodilos – HR Pornography: Interview videos

[Just to give you a taste of how this starts out, it's pretty amazing what kinds of weird services HR will buy into using on behalf of their company, to help justify their salaries...]


HR Pornography: Interview videos

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In the October 14, 2014 Ask The Headhunter Newsletter, a job seeker won’t make a video:
My wife, a veteran in her field, began a search for a better job and company. In the past, she used the broken and traditional job hunting methods. After showing her the Ask The Headhunter website and purchasing the companion books — and with a little coaching from me — she landed two job interviews with hiring managers within three weeks.
watching-computerSuddenly, a personnel jockey injected himself into the ongoing discussions with the hiring manager. The recruiter insisted that my wife submit herself to a one-way, online digital video taping, answer a series of pre-selected “screening questions,” and upload it to who knows where for “further review and screening” by who knows whom.
She found the request creepy, impersonal, presumptuous, Orwellian, exploitative, voyeuristic, unprofessional, and perhaps even unethical. (I’ve attached HR’s e-mail.) She declined, instantly prompting an automated “Do Not Reply” rejection e-mail. She was not worthy because she wouldn’t subject herself to a dehumanizing “HireVue Digital Video Interview.”
This new wrinkle in HR practices seems like the most unsettling and counterproductive yet. It not only removes access to the hiring manager, but also live, human interaction. It sounds like “HR pornography,” where perverted personnel jockeys huddle around a monitor to gawk at videos of “virtual job candidates,” picking apart perceived blunders while they screen you out.
Would you please share your comments and advice on this new and bizarre interviewing phenomenon?

Nick's response and more at:

 Ask The Headhunter® | Nick Corcodilos – HR Pornography: Interview videos

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