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Free software call-graph generators

Run-time call-graph (most of tools listed are profilers with callgraph functionality):
  • gprof : part of the GNU Binary Utilities
  • KCachegrind : powerful tool to generate and analyze call graphs based on data generated by Valgrind's callgrind tool.
  • Mac OS X Activity Monitor : Apple GUI process monitor Activity Monitor has a built-in call graph generator that can sample processes and return a call graph. This function is only available in Mac OS X Leopard
  • pprof tool, part of open-source google-perftools.
  • CodeAnalyst from AMD (released under GPL)
Static (for C language), for getting call graphs without running of application:
  • doxygen : Uses graphviz to generate static call/inheritance diagrams
  • cflow : GNU cflow is able to generate the direct and inverted call graph of a C program
  • egypt : a small Perl script that uses gcc and Graphviz to generate the static call graph of a C program.
  • CCTree : Native Vim plugin that can display static call graphs by reading a cscope database. Works for C programs.
  • codeviz : a static call graph generator (the program is not run). Implemented as a patch to gcc; works for C and C++ programs.
PHP, perl, python
  • Devel::NYTProf : a perl performance analyser and call chart generator
  • phpCallGraph : a call graph generator for PHP programs that uses Graphviz. It is written in PHP and requires at least PHP 5.2.
  • pycallgraph : a call graph generator for Python programs that uses Graphviz.

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  1. how to generate static call graph from android application?