Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My program invokes undefined behaviour but...

If I think these people are a hoot, have I been working too long?   :-)


My program invokes undefined behaviour but...

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Sorry, if your program invokes undefined behaviour, then anything can happen. Please:
  • do not ask or propose a defined (or an unspecified, but consistent) behaviour for undefined behaviour;
  • do not report that something bad happened as a result of undefined behaviour;
  • do not argue whether or why some behaviour should be undefined or not.
Neither GCC bugzilla, nor GCC mailing lists are a forum appropriate to debate the above issues. Quoting Steve Summit (maintainer of the C FAQ): "Perhaps we could, but not under the current Standard. [...] But the C Standard is under revision: perhaps, if this is important enough to you, you can convince the committee [...]. Good luck."

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